IAM Security has been supplying door supervisors to many of London’s prestigious venues who conduct licensable or non-licensable activities. Whether you need a door supervisor for a nightclub or presentable / professional door supervisors for your event , IAM Security is able to provide a bespoke service tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Door supervision was the core and only service once offered by IAM Security which is why at present our management acquire advance knowledge within this field and use unique strategies and tactics to improve the service each client receive. Our staff aims to leave a positive image with your customers since our staff are the first and last point of interaction primarily focusing on supporting your business to maintain your customer satisfaction levels.

We are highly confident with the abilities of our door supervisors and would like to highlight that the service you receive will be at the highest level. All duties are outlined and manipulated accordingly to the clients needs before the duties are performed.


Below are some Door Supervisor duties


Minimise and prevent crime and disorder, maintain child and public safety, reduce public nuisance

Greet customers

Maintain and apply venue search and dress policies professionally and politely

Check identification

Ensure the operations of the venue is unaffected and facilitate smooth running

Control ingress and egress  

Ensure patrons experience a safe and enjoyable night

Observe behaviour of patrons and take action with reasonable care

Assist patrons and deal with their concerns

Maintain health and safety

Ensure all licensing conditions are met


Your financial position is very important for us, we aim to meet and work around your budget without compromising from the quality of service you receive


Your safety is our priority

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The following are some of the qualities our door supervisors possess:


Minimum of 12 months experience

First Aid qualifications

Advanced observational skills

Advanced verbal non-verbal communication and listening skills

Advanced Conflict resolution skills

Advanced skills in restrain, control and breakaway


Assertive behaviour

Positive attitude

Advanced knowledge of legislations

Correct use of equipment e.g. Radio’s

Adaptability to all environments.

Alert and quick reactions




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