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Iam Security offers an experienced and reliable retail security department dedicated to delivering and implementing tested retail security strategies. We will guard your stock, manage and enhance internal processes so your business is equipped with tools to prevent crime and protect valuable assets.

Unfortunately retail space is exposed to numerous threats with some becoming more sophisticated. Retail crime is reaching high levels and it has never been a more important time to consider your security measures in place.


Loss or damage to property, anti-social behaviour and organised crime are all named as contributing factors to retail crime in the UK. This alone highlights the various angles that need to be focused upon in terms of retail security. Our retail security services offer a full range of protection for every corner of your retail business.

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Loss prevention officer

We have a firm understanding of industry trends, risks and variables that affect your retail business and our solutions are shaped by the latest activity so you can be sure we’re always delivering fresh ideas.


Static guarding

Loss Prevention officers

Store detectives

Process for securing products

Front of house presence


Retail advice e.g. for stock rotation delivery

Delivering a hands on approach to your challenges, we will meet your problems with tried and tested solutions that will put you back in control of your retail space. Managing retail shrinkage, reducing vandalism and addressing all your areas of vulnerability, our retail services will add a much needed layer of protection to your business.


Our research indicates that loss occurs due to three reasons: internal threats (employee theft), external threats (shoplifting) and error (leading to waste). Our loss prevention services tackle all three areas to deliver one, seamless and effective money saving strategy that will improve efficiencies.


Our retail security / loss prevention officers will work alongside your store personnel to implement long term beneficial behaviours, such as establishing policies, procedures and setting the standard for an everyday business practice code that employees will follow in order to prevent the loss of stock or monies.

Iam Security offers discreet store detectives capable of taking your security to the next level and provide your assets such as stock and staff with essential security.  Our store detectives will reduce your chances of becoming victim to theft as we can integrate our operations with your store floor operations.


We understand that you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single customer, at Iam Security we can implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual:


Reduce stock theft

Detect and arrest criminals / shoplifters

Conduct end of day staff searches

Supply undercover detectives to blend in with your shop floor

Monitor your staff

Ensure appropriate till usage

Write statements and conduct interviews / investigations



Our store detectives will blend in with your customers whilst keeping a close eye on any suspects. We train our staff to deal with aggression and conflicting behaviour, should the time come to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient, subtle manner without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store. Iam Security store detectives will write statements, carry out interviews and investigate every aspect of the situation to produce correct paperwork to give to the Police.



Call our office today, we will be delighted to guide you through the simple steps to achieving a safer working environment for everyone. Allow your staff to conduct the duties they are paid to do without worrying about retail security, leave the rest to us.

  • Established organisation

  • SIA approved contractor in the provision of Door Supervision & Security Guarding

  • ISO9001 certified in the provision of Door Supervisor, CCTV and Static Guarding

  • BS 7499, BS 7960, BS 7958 and BS 7858 compliant

  • Safe contractor health and safety certified

  • ICO and Ofcom registered

  • Constant communication with management

  • Experienced employees

  • Rapid response patrol unit

  • Competitive rates

  • In house training facilities

  • Professional standard or tailored uniform

  • Insured security officers

  • All relevant taxes paid correctly in full, not a tax evading organisation

  • All staff are employed, we do not use self-employed officers to divert liability or responsibility

  • Equipment inclusion to services



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